Saturday, October 22


millions'a dead kids
askin me
"what the time?" is
but i dont wanna tell
any body anything
cause i don't wanna know
any body or any thing
two heads and four arms
dont you know?
that's two people in

So i say:
"anybody, anything
little room
all cramped in!"

Wednesday, January 19

My problem is and will always be that I'm too RADICAL

Tuesday, April 6

I had a really intense dream about haunted houses, robots and people I haven't spoken to in forever.
I can't remember what what really went down in it any more but three key things I remember were playing N64 with an old friend, living in a house that had killer robots in the basement and watching a train go past my house.

Monday, March 8

chumps in love


Friday, February 26

Big City Delusional

A young girl meets the man of her dreams.