Thursday, November 27


Is this friendship like a cocktail party at which we speak with no direction or end just to circumvent silence? That's what our words do. Is that why we're friends? I'd rather be an ass hole than accommodating and conversational. I'd rather be an ass hole than fractional. I'm a party animal. I kill conversation.
"I think I'll take that as a compliment!"

"Well, that is how it was intended"

Thursday, November 20

Monday, November 10

look at yr game girl

One time I crushed up some vitamin tablets and paracetamol and sold it to two hipsters who thought it was coke.
Easiest forty pounds I ever made.

Wednesday, November 5


"the jig is up" says a ghost i used to sleep with
i want to bring her back to life in that room again.
to lay her right there on the operating table.