Friday, January 30

What I mean by big was that her ass was big and her tits were big and that she was big in all the right places. She seemed crazy but I kept looking at her body and I didn't care.

Thursday, January 29

dreaming about girlfriends, waking up wet
assuring myself that it was just sweat.


Wednesday, January 21

I'm taking off this party

Last night I dreamed I had two dicks, and had sex with an amputee.

What does that...I don't even...

Bought three books, a scarf made by the good people at the drum tobacco company, some gloves which I lost, a jumper I already had in a different colour and I went to the last Durrr at whatever place it is they used to have Durrr.

It was good yeah, a stranger stroked my arm and it made me uncomfortable. I saw three girls throwing up.

Friday, January 16

Run up wild on me

Had the weirdest dream, i got in to a huge argument with my mother and ran away to France.

I woke up on my friend's kitchen floor, had beans and waffles, then watched tv, then got high, then ate mac and cheese, then fell asleep, then came home, then fell asleep and now here I am.

That's all.

Tuesday, January 13

Weird dreams

Had a weird dream last night.

Something to do with two dying sisters on a raft in a lake full of ice. There were a bunch of guys trying to save them but one of the sisters who at a point was just a jaw and some hair attached to a disembodied spinal column didn't want either of them to be saved because she didn't trust any of the men.

One of the sisters fell off the raft and the other one jumped in after her or something.

there was more but i forgot it.