Wednesday, December 23

Theme from Big Wave

I can't remember the last time I did or said anything remotely intelligent or worthwhile. I've become a total absence of productivity!

Here's hoping 2010 will be a lot less intellectually bankrupt. Self improvement here we come!

In the meantime, here's a song about surfing.

Saturday, November 14

Big City Sartorial

Ties! Yeah I got a bunch of ties, pal. Yeah...Mr Goldstein is always yackin' about ties: "It really does make a man what he is. How else can you tell a no goodnick punk from a true Prince Of Industry?" He yaps and he yaps, cigar in one hand, the other slouching outta his pocket like maybe he has a gun there or something. Anyway, when I'm down beneath his sight and he's calling me a talentless green horn, I get to thinking that maybe The Boss is right and maybe I oughta have at least a few classy ties kicking around. I want to be a captain of my domain, after-all.

Sunday, November 1

Thursday, October 29

Arthur Russell

Have we talked about Arthur Russell yet, you and I?

I think maybe my love for the man and his music is a little too much to go in to right about now. Bottom line is he was way ahead of his time back when he was alive and even now as recordings and demos of his are still being unearthed he's managing to posthumously stay at least two paces ahead of contemporary artists of the same ilk, few that there are.

Definitely some one to get aquainted with if you're diggin' the "no - fi" trend that's come about as of late, or whatever really. Just check him out.

I really need to figure out how and where to start hosting music and using those nifty flash player dealies. When I get my laptop fixed I'm really going to try and expand this blog to the best of my ability. Hmm.

Mtume - You, me and he

You, me and he is Mtume's fourth record. Its a concept album with a narrative about love, lust and infidelity that stretches out over its nine tracks. Its the sort of thing that sounds laughable on paper, and the title track's promo video does all it can to whittle the song's credibility down to a nub but casting all that aside its a pretty fucking killer record.

Some of the tracks are a little sparse even in slow jam terms and there are points where I'd really just like there to be a few more instruments thrown in the mix but aside from that it really is an untouchable album. Maybe not the danciest there is out there but definitely one to sit back, light a doob and fucking chill to.

Check it out.

Sunday, October 25

Cough Cool

Ever have one of those nights where your vomit looks like chopped raspberries? Then you drunkenly strop off home by yourself like a menstrually afflicted girl? I definitely just had one of those.

So I woke up this morning hung over and all kinds of embarassed, I figure the best cure for shame and mild if not misdirected agression is the internet coupled with copious amounts of self indulgent blogwhining.

So here goes.

Here we have Cough Cool, named after a Misfits song I wont pretend to have heard more than once. Doomy with a vaguely melodic slant, vocals come on like a gregorian chant, minimalistic lyrisicm echoing, bellowing and repeating. Instrumentation gets frantic at times but for the most part everything is very deep and foreboding but in a real simple way, mostly just organs and guitars. If only I listened to better music, Id have something wildly esoteric to compare it to.

The track Girl Tell Me sounds like a love song written in an abotoir, which by all acounts is a good thing. Watery guitars on top of haunting refrains, comes complete with Ohs and Ahs. Lovely stuff. Perfect music for those moody Sunday (or any other day of the week) morning hang overs. Theyre becoming fairly routine as of late.

Heres an obvious Misfits song I really like.

I ought to get off my ass and find something constructive to do.

Friday, October 23

Wild Nothing

Back on the internet, sort of.

I fell through a roof, left my job and somewhere in between all of that my laptop broke. I need to find a way to get it fixed, I'm missing the cold glow of its screen.

Anyway, here's a cool sound I saw on Pitchfork today. Wild Nothing: Some guy from some place, real autumnal vibe, sort of like all those depressing and/or Scottish fey bands from way back when.

Could do with a better voice but everything else is sounding twinkly and ethereal enough to make up for it, not to mention there's a pretty bold cover of Cloudbusting by Kate Bush.

Oh, I had a job interview for a shop called Beyond the Valley, one of those boutique type places that sells £95 jumpers and mirrors laser cut in to the shape of a woodland animal. Real swell place up in Carnaby street - next door to the Lomography shop actually - anyway, interview went well and I have a trial shift next week Thursday, wish me fucking luck cause I litterally walked out on my job at H&M just to get to the interview itself.

Kate Bush was a babe

Monday, September 28

Toto - Georgy Porgy

Oh boy, if you could just bare with me for a moment and listen to/watch all three versions of this song.

Wednesday, September 23

Tom Tom Club - Under The Boardwalk

Have I given Tom Tom Club enough of a chance? I got an album of theirs once and Genius of love was the only song I liked. I hate when that happens.

I woke up with £30 this morning, I think im going to bed with at least £70, this is how girls in Hotters must feel. I'd love to have breasts that big and full.

Monday, September 21

Washed Out - Life of Leisure.

Last night more than any other night I was anxious to finally get up and move out of home again. This afternoon I chanced upon what I'm hoping will be my new home for the next bunch of months, and I'm pretty psyched about that.

In the hours between last night and this afternoon I hooked myself up with what I'm guessing is Washed Out's second or maybe third release, Life of Leisure, and boy is it great!

My sugar thing, my choclate star

I turned twenty last week. I went out on the town and had a swell time with the guys. I also met Joe from Hot Chip, and hugged him, for a second time.

I think I'm starting to grow a beard, its somewhere between non existent and incredibly unbecoming.

Here's a youtube video or two.

Wednesday, September 16

moodo, foodo


Summer is over, leaves are falling, I'm looking for houses I'm not sure I can afford, and I feel as though my youth is running away from me a little faster than I'd like, but at least there's guys out there like Lone. Lone is a recent signing to Werk Discs  a label from Brixton I won't pretend to know anything about; he lays down lush beach party beats for tired ears to get hip and feel fresh to and it's guys like him and gems like these that keep me from becoming a completely jaded fuck.

I must have stumbled upon this cat no more than an hour ago and I'm already hooked in on it like a junkie on methadone. Its the way he mixes subtle electro jabs with Washed Out style lo fi mysticism - a wirey old funk sample here, a crisp drum beat there and  soulful vocal samples (just a pinch) thrown in for good measure. A delicious audio feast of the pleasantly old and the sublimlely new. It makes me feel like I'm on one of Jupiter's moons, laying on a beach and having space joints rolled for me by cowboys from Westworld.

Really though, I'm glad there's musicians out there who can find the perfect balance between nostalgia and nouveau; this guy really wears a rich blend of influences on  his sleeve but you just can't deny or ignore the freshness of his sound over all.

Whatever: less gabbin', more jams


Monday, September 14


Our swagger is unbearable


Thursday, September 3

Jack, Izzie, a tree and some ducks...

I need to learn how to use this (35mm holga) camera properly, everytime i use it only about four or five pictures actually get developed from the roll, i think there were pictures on this from france and a few of my cousin as well. I definitely got ripped off at the shop today as well, £10.50 or something, boy they must have seen me coming. Printed them quite big though, which I like, the two really dark ones look nice in that size...physically at least.

Anyway, these pictures are from two really nice days out we had at regents park... I hope anyone who looks at these likes them, because I quite like them, and the people in them.

ps. if you know somewhere i can get pictures developed for less than £10.50 or whatever, please tell me. I can keep a secret.

FUCK YEAH - A video mixtape

Ugh, I just finished some stupid essay I had to do in order to be allowed back in to university, these songs fully represent how I feel right now. I would appreciate it if you would link me to some more super rad super manly bad ass guitar anthems for winners like me.

Wednesday, September 2


I don't know who is cooler in this, the interviewer or the interviewee.

Scritti Politti

When I first moved in to my old house in new cross it was a pretty odd set up. I didn't pack much initially, so all I really had with me for the first week or two were some of my clothes, some noodles and my mp3 player. No duvet, no pillow, no sheets, no money.

I slept the first night wrapped in a towel my house mate lent me, I fell asleep with my headphones on listening to Word Girl by Scritti Politti.

That night I had a nightmare about Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from friends (in this dream they were two distinctly different people) and the devil. I can't remember much but I know Satan and Jen were really scary and Rachel from friends was crying a lot. Worst part was it was all in clay-mation and the song I fell asleep to playing over and over. I woke up in a cold sweat, took my headphones off, put Haircut 100 on and then fell back to sleep again.

I love Scritti Politti.

Sunday, August 30

A boy named Charlie Brown

For a kids' show Charlie Brown was oddly schadenfreude, guy could hardly catch a break.

Tuesday, August 25

Graphik Muzik

Still really obessed with Michael Allred's work. His older, darker stuff espescially. There's everything in the world to be said for impressive, bold colouring but I'm not entirely sure if anything can trump a nice b&w.
The writing here is immense too, its the contrast between the pulpy narative, the emotive dialogue from the girl in the mask and the shlocky Adam West stylings of the Cheetah character that get me the most excited about this page in particular.

Wednesday, August 19

Woah, mixtapes!

Three years ago, I made some "mixes" and uploaded them on to the internet and forgot about them, now I'm on my old desktop and I found the old links to them!

They weren't mixes in the ultra hip dj sense of the word, more like a mix tape of the various bands and artists I was in to back then. All I really did was place the tracks next to each other in some program and try and fade them in to one another.

There were about four of them I made before I lost interest or whatever but, listening back to them now, they weren't so bad. Its interesting to look back on these and see the sort of music I was in to when I was 17. To be honest though, being 17 doesn't seem that long ago, and when you think about it, it isn't really. Seems the older I get, the shorter the years seem to last.

I still listen to most of these bands now I think, and listening back to it I get a lot of reminders of what was on my mind at the time. Fun! Have a listen.

Here's one I named grass tunnel, I think there was a lot of poppy electronic stuff on here. It had múm, thom yorke and some other bands on it:

Here's another, I think this was more post rock based. It starts off with an excerpt from a godspeed you black emperor song:

These two were the best I think, I'm listening to another one now and it has a klaxons remix on it, I don't wanna embarrass myself by posting that. If anyone actually listens to these, it'd be nice to know what people think!

i'm singing. i'm hollering. i'm singing.

Cap n Jazz are a great band to come back and listen to. Youthfully bold, whimsically abstract and most of all summery! It feels good to sit out the sun and listen to Analphabetapolothology for the first time in what seems like quite a while. An energetic way to wind down my evening.

Such good song titles too, all so cute like they were part of a little kid's first real sentence. The songs can get poignant at time but its never insincere, I like that.

I think I like this song best, but I can't be sure. They're all so rad. - download the album here and lemme know what your favorite is

Monday, August 17

Felt - Primative Painters

Heh, y'know its true what they say about you learning something new everyday! Whilst I was looking for the two Felt videos I just posted on Youtube, I found this little gem by a band from the 80s with the same name.

Recognize the female vocals at all? Its Elizabeth Fraser from The Cocteau Twins, god I love her voice. Ethereal as anything but it has some real soul to it at points. Must be where bands like Celebration get their inspiration from, and I can say without a doubt that Dave Sitek takes a great deal of influence from The Cocteau Twins production and composition style.

Oh! music was so exciting twenty years ago! I guess it still is!

Felt - Protagonists

I swear to god some of the music I was listening to back in year 11 was so much better than some of the stuff I've been listening to of late. Point in case (or is that case in point?) is Felt. I used to listen to Tribute to Lisa Bonet during lunch times in the library.

Felt is a collaboration between Slug from Atmosphere and MURS from Living Legends. Murs was the guy rapping on that Busy P track, serve and entertain or whatever it was called.
Felt had two pretty good albums called Tribute to Christina Ricci and Tribute to Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet was the daughter from the Cosby Show.

Anyway, I was on twitter today and it turns out they've got a third album coming out called Tribute to Sarah Palin, or at least that's what MF DOOM says.

Here's a track from it. Protagonists It's pretty good, quite drum heavy, not really saying much on the sampling front. I dunno, it doesn't strike me as anything special, I just remember the production on the other albums being a lot less polished and just a little funkier.

This was one of my favourite tracks off of Lisa Bonet.

Here's another.

I hope you can see what I mean. This stuff is just a lot more soulful and chilled out. Perfect for a summer's day. Actually I definitely remember listening to this during the summer.

Speaking of which,its fucking hot here so I'm sat at home in my boxers, nice.

Winsor McCay - Rob Liefeld

Interestingly enough, these strips were produced in the early 1900's. I find that surprising some how, especially in the second image. Something about its style and humor just seem so contemporary. Both strips are incredibly striking, the dream like nature of the first is almost frightening - the way that elephant gets closer and closer in those last six panels. Incredible sequencing and use of space within the panels, not to mention the elephant just looks balls out insane.

Alan Moore paid homage to McCay and his "Little Nemo..." strip in a series he did a while back called Promethea, I've never checked it out. I should do, its apparently very esoteric. I'm not sure if I think this is a good or a bad thing when it comes to comics.

Hmm, can't wait till I start work, got so much stuff to buy!
Little Nemo in Slumberland - 1905 to 1914

Little Sammy Sneeze - 1904 to 1906

Promethea 1999 - 2005


This guy is Rob Liefeld, (he created the character Deadpool who recently showed up in the Wolverine Origins flick) he's considered by a lot of people now days, myself included, to be one of the worst artists in the modern comic books industry, but in a lot of ways he's definitely a large part of comic book history. He shot to fame in the 90s and was one of the catalysts of the boom the comics industry experienced over the course of the decade, the source of a lot of controversy and the recipient of a lot of criticism and out right abuse. It's all a bit boring to go in to really, but the crux of it all is that his art and writing are pretty terrible and he helped popularize the gritty, angsty, hyper violent, hyper visceral, hyper sexual style that became extremely popular in the 90s.

Its his absolute lack knowledge regarding the human anatomy that gained him the majority of his criticism.

All of that said, one reason I can never really fault the guy is that you can just tell all he absolutely loves the medium. The way his eyes light up when the interviewer starts name dropping Daredevil and the Silver Surfer, you can tell that he's just a big goof who loves that he's able to write for the company whose output he grew up reading. I think its that level of devotion to it that got him his big break and that keeps him somewhat popular to this day.

Here's a video of him and Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) goofing around with Stan Lee. I just couldn't stop laughing at this. I can't tell if Stan's making fun of them or not.

Sunday, August 16


I think this is the first single off of Ghostface Killah's forthcoming album "The Wizard of poetry."

I've only listened to a couple of the guy's tracks before this, but never the less, I'm immediately impressed by this. I definitely need to check out more stuff like this. Apparently its his last album on Def Jam Records and its gonna have a couple guest shots from R&B starlets like John Legend, Estelle and others I'm far too suburban to have heard of.

Recently my music library has been kind of stale, mainly because I don't have a proper internet connection where I'm living at the moment, I really need something new to obsess over. Perhaps this album could be it.

Before I moved out I was really interested in an American duo The Drums; they're two guys currently working together in New York and they've got a slightly convoluted musical history - but don't all the best bands?

Once upon a time there was a band called Elkland who were sort of like 80s power pop revival, think Chesney Hawks or Limahl, but slightly cooler and a little more camp. Anyway, that band were making waves for a while over in the states and were even on Columbia Records for a while. They even supported Erasure apparently.

Apart, I think this was the only single off of their 2005 debut "Golden", it's not an especially great release.

Well, when they disbanded, lead singer Jon Pierce went on to form Goat Explosion with multi - instrumentalist and childhood friend Jacob Graham. GE had a similar sound to the aformentioned Elkland but with much more organic synths and considerably less produced, lo fi sound...but it was still pretty camp. I discovered Goat Explosion by accident a while ago but by that time they'd disbanded (I heard rumors about an argument between the two involving some girl) and Jacob had gone on to form a bunch of new wave style bands - namely flashlight party (who I loved) and later on Horse Shoes. Both of these were pretty similar to New Order, Orchestral manouveurs in the dark and other groups of that ilk. Layered synthesizers, ghostly vocals and a whole lot of wintery meloncholy. Generally my kinda jam.

Here's a link to their last ep, Wreaths_

Anyway, later on down the line, two old friends reunited and have now formed The Drums, and they seem to be whipping up quite a storm. They've got a nice stripped down kinda sound that wears its post punk influences on its sleave, they come complete with holow basslines, wirey guitars and a few synth stabs wherever needed. Its Jon's vocals and the lyrical content that add the most unique and intriguing layer to their sound - Songs about surfing, roller coasters and young love in the summer time delivered in a soothing and innocent croon almost make me feel like I'm watching Stand by me or watching The Wonder Years. Not to mention, there's slightly less than consipicuous Phil Spector influence on the production front! Are we looking at the first post punk / doo wop / teen idol cross over band, and if so, do what do we call it?! Post Idol? Punk Wop? New Doo?

Oh and did I mention how handsome they all were? Its like Abercrombie and Fitch meets Domino Records!

Let's Go Surfing is their current single and its making waves (HAHA!) in the blogosphere and the real world alike. I think I heard in an interview that their ep is being released in the UK by Moshi Moshi records.
Here's their myspace - - listen to "I Felt Stupid" and download the Lets Go Surfing maxi single for free.


Oh! Check out my friend Johanna's blog, I can't read french so it makes absolutely no sense to me, but there's loads of cute pictures of her and her ludicrously chic looking friends. Aside from that, I can't really vouch for the written portion of the content. But hey, its nice to look at pictures right? I sure think so.

Saturday, August 15

Look what I did!

More of my pictures from Paris.

There was such a long period of time between me taking these and then actually scanning them in to my computer. I quite like all of these photos, they remind me of the fun time I had. I must have used about 4 rolls of film that week I was in Paris but there were two problems that arose:

I don't know shit about how to a camera correctly, much less a camera that didn't come with instructions and another that didn't really have a correct way to be used. I had a real hard time winding up the rolls when I finished with them and ended up scratching and exposing at least half of two rolls of films. I also had no idea who to use the focus or whatever properly so there were a lot of pictures that looked as though I had just smeared Vaseline over the lenses.

The second problem was that I spent about two or three days taking pictures with a camera that had no film in it at all, I just assumed I'd put some in there before I'd left London and it wasn't until about I was about done checking one of the galleries near the Eiffel that I finally realized my mistake.

Ha, what an unlucky pup!

Anyway, that was my first real experience using a camera (film or otherwise) as anything more than a means of taking pictures of myself, and to be frank, I was quite impressed with the outcome. I have about three film cameras in my possession and I'm going to try and make a point to use them more.

It's always nice to document all that fun I'm supposed to be having.

I changed the layout and look of the blog and deleted a lot of posts, I'm going to try and actually post things of interest on it as opposed to just whining about things.

Lets see how that goes!

Saturday, August 8

try a little tenderness

John Hughes died the other day.

I'm not espescially mournful, because I never really understood how people could genuinely mourn the death of a celebrity (i just don't think they're "real people"), but I've got to say that most of the films this man had an involvment with - from Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club to Uncle Buck and Home Alone - have had an effect on me in one way or another. From my undying, sometimes self destructive infatuation with all things red headed, to the music I listen to and to my preoccupation with nostalgic iconography.

The guy really captured an era at its best and because of that there's really no way I, or many people really can look at the 80s without some sense of glittery eyed nostalgia. There's a lot to be said for that.

Teen films now days really don't come close in regards to encapsulating an era like Hughes did, I don't think anyone is going to look back at films like American Pie or Road Trip or whatever as great signifiers of a generation, everything about the majority of teen rom coms made within the last ten or so years has already aged so poorly and just seems dated, fashionless and uncool.

Our children will not be talking about how beautiful Mellisa Joan Hart was in You Drive Me Crazy, nor will they be trawling vintage shops of the future looking for a pair of baggy canary yellow khakis just like the ones that Freddy Prinz Jnr wore in She's All That.

Hughes had a real timeless quality to his film making, something thats hard to find in mainstream film these days. Few films made for mass consumption are able to recreate the kind of charm and sincerity his films brimmed with.

Having said all that bullshit, the guy wrote Maid in Manhattan, Behtoven's Third, Home Alone 3 and Drillbit Taylor (he did that under a different name actually) so much like goo'sd ol' Wacko Jacko its best if you pretend he already died five or six years ago.

here's hoping that bill murray, michael j fox, joe dante, prince or hot chip don't die any time soon.

Thursday, August 6


woodsman, raise your axe

Tuesday, June 30

dis heat

Beautiful girl gets on the bus and sits in front of me. I put my nose in a book to avoid staring at her, not much of what's written on the page leaps out at me, its like substituting roast dinners for happy meals. I turn to look out the window. I see a guy throwing up on the New Kent Road. Throwing up in god's honest daylight, then walking away as if it never happened. Heaven help me, I didn't know where to look.
We live in a world of juxtapositions and abstractions. Summer heat makes a man go crazy.

Wednesday, June 17

Her and I, and the mountain

I said all these fancy things, and they were meant to come out like a joke. Like I'm being charming, like I'm impressive, like I'm an interesting human being.
It all sounded like bullshit from her end. Can't say I blame her.

Over time I began to realize that I'd built the whole thing up like Everest or something. I set up base camp upon tales of an awkward boyhood and poorly delivered compliments. I dreamed of escalating up high towards trite physicality, two hands touching with the safety turned off and reaching that ice cold peak. The shortness of breath that'll surely come with being at such a high altitude and the pace at which I'll have to move.

A mouse makes its way across bedroom floor as we talk, I hope she doesn't notice.

We spin some more yarn and I'm dreadfully aware of the cadence of my voice, all too concious about the way my words fall out. I chase her eyes a little as the gaze trails away from me. Interest fades a little, then flickers out like a light.

I hear a spring click back in to place and a mouse trap flip over. We get up and leave, I tell myself better luck next time.

Saturday, June 13

Weirdest dream

I think it was in two or three parts. In one part I was living in a country ran by a fascist dictator ship and about 14 years old. I don't really want to go in to it too much but basically we had to try and save the world with a hammer in a box and a roll of barcodes printed on paper. We ended up saving the world, but lost sight of our cause and tried to kill a bunch of rich kids.

In the other dream I was living in halls and there was this girl I kept seeing everywhere just by chance, eventually her and her friends confronted me and accused me of stalking her, which wasn't true. They said a lot of cruel things and refused to give back a comic I'd left there or I beat them all to death and tried to leave the country. It was weird because it was someone I knew and I kept thinking the whole thing was real for a bit and being really quite worried about what the repercussions would be.

When I woke up I was pretty relieved I hadn't killed anyone.

Thursday, June 11

I was looking for a job and then I found a job,

yeah i felt like henry chinaski walking through the rain like a fucking chump in a puke green, however i think by the end of it all i'll not only be rich but impervious to all forms of rejection. gonna try and join a temping agency also

i think it will give me things to talk about

Monday, June 8

Well, I had a dream I cut my hair and spent hours looking at it in the mirror.

Friday, June 5


Nah, really though, it'd be nice if someone came up to me in the street and said:

"Hey Charles, it's my fault you're no good at the things you're no good at, sorry! Here's a special device that'll get rid of all your worst character traits and replace them with new awesome ones, also you'll be taller and able to play the piano."

Boy that'd be awesome!


I dreamed that I called every girl I'd ever liked an had an awkward interaction with, which is to say every girl I've liked or been in some way romantically involved and had embarrassed or made a fool of myself in front of. Which is to say, a lot of girls that thought/knew I was a prize chump.

I dreamed that I'd called 'em all up and that they'd forgotten who I was because they'd deleted my number from their phones. I asked them all the same thing:

"My house mate's having a club night at blah blah blah, was just wondering if you'd like to come?"

Weird thing is, they didn't say no or spurn my advances outright, they just stayed on the line in silence for a good long time until I hung up in shame and embarrassment.

Weird, eh?

Monday, June 1

Sleeping giants that won't come to


So, we're sitting on my sofa and we've been talking for a while, but I run out of shit to say. I can see her attention slipping away from me. For the little its worth I try to breathe some life in to the situation. I start off easy with some generic spiel about how hot it's been these last couple of nights,

"Weather's something else these days, doncha think?"

She takes the bait, we're both boring the fuck out of each other, but things could be worse. For a while we chit and chat about the clothes she plans to buy this summer. She gabs and I listen, watching her lips move. They purse and they pout from time to time, I get a couple glimpses at her teeth, they're in good shape.

When I think she isn't watching, I look her up and down like a judge at a dog show (believe me, the analogy fits) I ask where her dress is from, I don't really care but its a tight dress and I'm in dire straights over here. Trying to talk up my big lie a little more I attempt to lure it all in with some light humour and some trademark self depreciation. I laugh a little at my own sorry jokes, she feigns the same but neither of us are fooling anyone.

Still on the subject of summertime and how humid it's been, I pull out one of my classic deal breakers:

"Yeah, no, Tell me about it! I fell asleep in the clothes I wore last night and I woke up soaked! At first I thought I'd pissed myself but it was just sweat. Y'know. Hah!"

"Oh, right, haha"

I'm a lot funnier than this usually, not that she'll ever care to know. Really though, I'm a laugh riot. Really. Anyway, a wave of silence hits us and I know we're both spent.

"Yeah, I guess I sweat a lot."

"Right, yeah."

"So uh..."

I know that she knows I'm pathetic as shit but I figure I'll take one last swing at the bat, maybe peddle off some anecdote about the last time I got high, but She makes some sort of excuse and gets out of it. I say it aint a problem, tell her I'll see her around, pretend to check my phone like I'm waiting for someone better to turn up.

"Nice meeting you too."

I spend a moment or two wondering what I'll beat off to tonight. I head to my room and move my hand around for while then fall asleep.


Friday, May 22

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer. He was convicted and later executed for the rape and murder of 33 boys and young men between 1972 and his arrest in 1978, 27 of whom he buried in a crawl space under the floor of his house, while others were found in nearby rivers. He became notorious as the "Killer Clown" because of the many block parties he threw for his friends and neighbors, entertaining children in a clown suit and makeup, under the name of "Pogo the Clown".

Nice painting though.

Monday, May 18

I'll show you "the life of the mind"

Today I dreamt about buying comics, I was at a carboot sale or something and I said to some old lady "Are those this Wednesdays comics?" She said no and then I found some.
Before that I was in the British Library, which had moved to Thamesmead

Saturday, May 16

I think I had a dream where my old manager from UO tried to kill me.

Wednesday, May 6