Monday, September 28

Toto - Georgy Porgy

Oh boy, if you could just bare with me for a moment and listen to/watch all three versions of this song.

Wednesday, September 23

Tom Tom Club - Under The Boardwalk

Have I given Tom Tom Club enough of a chance? I got an album of theirs once and Genius of love was the only song I liked. I hate when that happens.

I woke up with £30 this morning, I think im going to bed with at least £70, this is how girls in Hotters must feel. I'd love to have breasts that big and full.

Monday, September 21

Washed Out - Life of Leisure.

Last night more than any other night I was anxious to finally get up and move out of home again. This afternoon I chanced upon what I'm hoping will be my new home for the next bunch of months, and I'm pretty psyched about that.

In the hours between last night and this afternoon I hooked myself up with what I'm guessing is Washed Out's second or maybe third release, Life of Leisure, and boy is it great!

My sugar thing, my choclate star

I turned twenty last week. I went out on the town and had a swell time with the guys. I also met Joe from Hot Chip, and hugged him, for a second time.

I think I'm starting to grow a beard, its somewhere between non existent and incredibly unbecoming.

Here's a youtube video or two.

Wednesday, September 16

moodo, foodo


Summer is over, leaves are falling, I'm looking for houses I'm not sure I can afford, and I feel as though my youth is running away from me a little faster than I'd like, but at least there's guys out there like Lone. Lone is a recent signing to Werk Discs  a label from Brixton I won't pretend to know anything about; he lays down lush beach party beats for tired ears to get hip and feel fresh to and it's guys like him and gems like these that keep me from becoming a completely jaded fuck.

I must have stumbled upon this cat no more than an hour ago and I'm already hooked in on it like a junkie on methadone. Its the way he mixes subtle electro jabs with Washed Out style lo fi mysticism - a wirey old funk sample here, a crisp drum beat there and  soulful vocal samples (just a pinch) thrown in for good measure. A delicious audio feast of the pleasantly old and the sublimlely new. It makes me feel like I'm on one of Jupiter's moons, laying on a beach and having space joints rolled for me by cowboys from Westworld.

Really though, I'm glad there's musicians out there who can find the perfect balance between nostalgia and nouveau; this guy really wears a rich blend of influences on  his sleeve but you just can't deny or ignore the freshness of his sound over all.

Whatever: less gabbin', more jams


Monday, September 14


Our swagger is unbearable


Thursday, September 3

Jack, Izzie, a tree and some ducks...

I need to learn how to use this (35mm holga) camera properly, everytime i use it only about four or five pictures actually get developed from the roll, i think there were pictures on this from france and a few of my cousin as well. I definitely got ripped off at the shop today as well, £10.50 or something, boy they must have seen me coming. Printed them quite big though, which I like, the two really dark ones look nice in that size...physically at least.

Anyway, these pictures are from two really nice days out we had at regents park... I hope anyone who looks at these likes them, because I quite like them, and the people in them.

ps. if you know somewhere i can get pictures developed for less than £10.50 or whatever, please tell me. I can keep a secret.

FUCK YEAH - A video mixtape

Ugh, I just finished some stupid essay I had to do in order to be allowed back in to university, these songs fully represent how I feel right now. I would appreciate it if you would link me to some more super rad super manly bad ass guitar anthems for winners like me.

Wednesday, September 2


I don't know who is cooler in this, the interviewer or the interviewee.

Scritti Politti

When I first moved in to my old house in new cross it was a pretty odd set up. I didn't pack much initially, so all I really had with me for the first week or two were some of my clothes, some noodles and my mp3 player. No duvet, no pillow, no sheets, no money.

I slept the first night wrapped in a towel my house mate lent me, I fell asleep with my headphones on listening to Word Girl by Scritti Politti.

That night I had a nightmare about Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from friends (in this dream they were two distinctly different people) and the devil. I can't remember much but I know Satan and Jen were really scary and Rachel from friends was crying a lot. Worst part was it was all in clay-mation and the song I fell asleep to playing over and over. I woke up in a cold sweat, took my headphones off, put Haircut 100 on and then fell back to sleep again.

I love Scritti Politti.