Sunday, January 31

Big City Cyclical

Big City Cyclical
Intrepid intern Kip Calvin reviews his choice in women.

Tuesday, January 19

Oldies but goldies!

We've all heard that pontificating turn of phrase about the old ones being the best, but fuck me if it’s an idiom that doesn’t consistently ring true. These days more than ever I’m getting a lot of pleasure from delving head first in to the back catalogue of bands whose output had either gotten lost in the sands of time or that I’d just completely manage to miss out on due to either my own ignorance or being born in the wrong decade. As such, I’ve decide that I’ll now be taking the time to provide showcase for the forgotten classics that could of been something and the timeless tracks that I just never had the good sense to listen to before. Hopefully you’ll dig them all as
much as I do, at any rate it gives me a platform to name drop semi-obscure bands and artists without sounding too much like a pompous elitist


I wrote this, for this  - its littered with spelling and grammar mistakes cause I'm an idiot.

Sunday, January 10

Easy livin'

Alia Shawkat totally babed out since Arrested Development got cancelled.

Here's a picture of her in a catsuit.