Friday, September 12

Weird dream...4?

I think something had happened and the world had ended, but not in the sense that it wasn't there anymore - more like governments had disbanded and prisons abandoned in such a way that the inmates were "free" but couldn't actually leave the prison itself.

Anyway, I find myself in such a prison with another person...this person happens to be oriental for some reason. It turns out I can bring people to life who have died by reciting a bible passage from the book of genesis or something bizarre like that and me and this other guy are walking around the recreation grounds of the prison (a big metallic room, sort of like a sports hall where everything is metal) bringing people back to life and making them immortal or something.

Eventually I'm like "fuck this, I'm leaving". We weren't even like prisoners, just missionaries or something.

I try to leave by walking to the other end of this metallic room, but all the prisoners are armed for some reason and its incredibly scary. I manage to sneak past this huge black guy with a shot gun, but at the last moment, this scrawny little guy throws a machete at me and it gets lodged between my shoulder and my neck I think.

Then I woke up.

I'm moving to New Cross on Monday. I've been thinking a lot about that. For the next three years or more, I'm living on a knife edge.

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