Tuesday, April 28

Hello everybody

I didn't really do much today, or yesterday for that matter but I had some really nice, long and satisfying walks around the city.

Checked out an exhibition at the fondation cartier that was really great. Upstairs were these pieces by this Brazilian artist called Beatriz Milhazes. I don't pretend to know much about art but what I liked a lot about them was that at times the pieces seemed to be really quite abstract explosions of simple circular shapes and bright colours, but the circular shapes and paterns would start to instersect like a ven diagram and the overlaps of colour would look like flowers or something. Sort of like a kalidescope maybe?

That's what it looked like to me anyway! The pieces were huge and really quite awesome to look at but also quite easy to take in and easy to relate to. The gallery commisioned two installations from her which covered two seperate walls of the glass building, its a shame the weather was so horendously muggy, I would have liked to have seen what they would have looked like from the inside of the gallery with the sun hitting the glass walls (the paintings on the walls were semi transparent)

Downstairs were these photographs by this American guy named William Eggleston. Jack highly recomended it to me and it was really awesome. William Eggleston was commisioned by the gallery to do a series of photographs of Paris, and I think the commision is still on going. There were three years worth of photographs, and a quite a few abstract sketches and paintings to accompany many of them.

The photos were excellent, I thought he really manged to create/capture something that was alluring, romantic and at times quite dark about Paris, and I guess cities in general. What I liked espescially was that each of the photographs looked like they could be a little snippet of a short story or a still from a film. Sort of inspiring in the way that everyday city life inspires people to create something out of nothing.

Whatever, enough navel gazing.

I spent a lot of time drinking outside the Pompidou and walking around St. Paul, took a peak in a couple of vintage shops and boutiques as well. It rained a lot but I didn't really mind, places always look nice just after its rained and the sun shines off of the pavements and buildings. And paris has some fucking gorgeous pavements (ha) and buildings.

Tomorrow I'll see a band and maybe check out the eifel. xx

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