Tuesday, May 5

Long over due.

I got back from Paris on Saturday night I think.
I had a great time out there and saw some pretty awesome things, places and people. Obviously I was only there for a week so there was only so much I could do but I think I made the most of it as best as I could.

I checked out this really awesome place near the Eiffel called the Palais de Tokyo, which is where the pictures from the entry I made last week are from.

There was this one installation that was basically a room with some copper sheets and wires above you and a generator in the middle of the room or something (memory is mad cloudy), you have to sign some sort of release form when you enter the room or something which made it pretty scary. So anyway, you're in this room and suddenly you can literally feel the static electricity all over you, the person I was with's hair started to stand on end and my jaw really really really hurt. It was absolutely intense and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day.

Later on that night I went to a place called Pigalle to watch Jeremy Warmsley and some band from Canada play at a house, I thought it was going to be your typical warehouse/squat type set up and that it would just be some run down place some people rented out to musicians or whatever, but it was this absoloutely gorgeous flat in some swanky gated residence. Django Reindhart had lived in the residence and Jean Paul Gautier lived across the way from the flat I was in. Fucking nuts!

The performances were actually being recorded by http://www.blogotheque.net/ as part of their Take Away Shows thing, so that was really awesome to be a part of. I spoke to one of the main directors/cameraman/sound guy and he was a really awesome guy. Everyone was really, it was like some sort of dinner party/house show thing, I was loving the whole thing.

I developed a bunch of pictures today and a bunch whilst I was out there and to be fair they're mostly pretty shitty, and over half of them were exposed by accident (twice), but there's a few gems up in there I'd say, so I'm gonna get a couple scanned and put them somewhere.

I went to uni today, for the first time in maybe a month or maybe two months, it was actually really good. Really intense lecture and a really intense lecturer. Sort of makes me wish I hadn't pissed away the last months sitting in bed all day doing nothing, but not enough to actually stop me from sitting in bed all day doing nothing.

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