Friday, October 3

be excelllent to each other

Must frustrating dream yet. SO Im in a room watching bill and ted's excellent adventure and the princesses they hook up with towards the end are on it and they look really hot. And then I'm reading a magazine from the 80s and they both sort of appear in at my door, kinda old but strangely young looking, they didn't like come out of the tv or anything, they just always sort of lived near by and I didnt know.

At first I think one of them is a massive bitch but we start making out pretty hard, rage kissing if you would. And its getting to that point where I'm taking my clothes off and shit and then suddenly about a thousand people (literally my whole family) burst into my room and keep popping in and out, each time they leave i get a little bit closer to sleeping with this person and each time the act gets interrupted.

I dont even get to open the condom packet by the time I wake up. I've had some pretty weird "sex dreams" but this was the absoloute worst, I have never woken up so frustrated, it felt like it was real, that real un-immitable blue balls feeling. There is genuinely nothing like it.

And that was last nights dream.

Think I had one the night before that was like a mixture of reanimator or and puppet master, I lived in a world where lifelike cyborg dolls were like house hold pets, one of ours died and our flat mates were really upset (the dolls have lifelike skin, but when this one died it sort of turned into rock and it felt horrible). Meanwhile Herbert Westwood (I think thats the guy's name from reanimator) is pouring that green elixir into the bodies of dead dolls.

In this dream I am the hero of it all and I guess Im getting closer to whats going on but before I even manage to find out I get killed by someone, think I died a couple times in this dream. Woke up pretty early and pretty creeped out.


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