Monday, October 27

i smoke roll ups without filters sometimes, this is because i'd like to be a writer but have no discernible talent and i feel that taking up a self destructive habit will make up for inability to write anything compelling, interesting or more than a paragraph long.

it'd be cooler if said habit was womanising, but i don't have the looks to be a womaniser, nor do i know or come into contact with all that many (attractive) women.
it'd be edgier if it was (or is that were?) alcaholism, but i can't drink for more than a half hour without falling in to a stupour.
it'd darker if it were drugs, but they make me more of an obnoxious bore than i already am.

so, smoking roll ups without filters will have to do for now. i could try reading more or actually spend time trying to develop ideas and a unique style of writing, but at the end of the day i'm just too lazy.

its a shame that the only thing i've ever been good at is probably - i can't even finish this sentance because i can't think of anything remotely witty to say.

i'm about to watch the new cohen brothers film. i'd like to fall asleep soon.

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