Wednesday, December 17

1,2,3,4,5 so many friends!

There was this girl named Sophie I went out with for about a month when I was about 15 and even though I absolutely knew she was cheating on me (a lot) I had no idea what to do about it, we'd go on dates, and we never made it past first base despite the fact that I had it on incredibly good authority that she was DTF.

I had less of a spine back then than I do now.

There was this girl Holly who I met when I was sixteen and hooked up with just before I'd turned eighteen, our "relationship" consisted of her trying her absoloute hardest to piss me off and me whining about it to Matt. I told her to shut up on our first date, heck I even stopped in the middle and told her to "be quiet" once when we were doing stuff cause her Debbie does Dallas style caterwalling was just getting to be too much.

She bothered the hell out of me and I remember I broke up with her at a party not more than ten minutes after she got there, felt so good!

Once I was sat in Thomas Neal Centre reading a comic book in the little caffe bit and there was this girl sat across from me who worked in one of the shops, she was reading a book.

We both kept looking up and sort of half exchanging pleasant looks, like maybe one of us would talk to each other. None of these looks were sustained for more than a second though and it was until some weird old gay guy came over and started asking me the most bizzarre questions about my life that she started looking in my direction and smiling without pause. I was incredibly uncomfortable so I pretended I had a phonecall and left.

I finally took that walk I was talking about, it was only from the bottom of new cross gate to the top of jerningham road (basically from the bottom of the hill to the top) and lasted about four songs but it was pretty much the best thing i've done in a while, just powering up a hill in the freezing cold listening to some awesome tunes (prefab sprout guys, look that shit the fuck up) and enjoying my own company. Then I got to Jack's house and smoked some hash, it was like a little reward!

Life feels really good right now, which I guess serves as a testament to exactly how fickle I am but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts and hopefully it will. Its always good to be happy.

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