Monday, December 15

My moustache is getting thicker

Of all the things I regret now and of all the things I will no doubt grow to regret in the future, I regret most that I never took learning the guitar as seriously as I should have when I was younger. I got one for Christmas when I was twelve, I had a few lessons at school and there was a point where I was steadily getting better at it.

I'd probably be at least semi proficient by now! There's still time to learn though right? I heard the Hispanic guy from metallica didn't start learning till he was like sixteen and look where he is now!

I've got a head full of idea really but nowhere to put them, I'm friends with a lot of visually and aurally creative and talented people and I deeply envy the way in which they're all able to express themselves. I guess I can pick up a pen or sit behind a keyboard and do that whole thing relatively well, but bitter rants and critical essays aren't particularly nice to look at or listen to.

I spoke to some guy doing music at Goldsmiths about this once, he said I should "just try".

I guess there's nothing wrong with trying.

Oh by the way, I had a weird dream where zombies had taken over my university and the only safe place was anna's student halls, but they weren't in new cross they were in russel square.

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