Saturday, February 28

no parkin' on the dancefloor

Yes um.
Went to see fourtet dj at plastic people last night, was pretty enjoyable actually.

I went for a cigarette at one point and had to go to the off license and buy some, whilst I was there a bunch of girls that live at Ewen Henderson who I barely know and have never really interacted with before started laughing at me, the ugliest one there said "what's he doing here?!" she laughed for ages and I was like "uh, hello?" she said something else I can't remember but it was snide.

Not really all that bothered outside of the fact that these chicks were a bunch of dorks, skanks and try hard entry level hipster types. Its no good being laughed at by a bunch of walking fashion faux-pas! They were a bunch of jane's from backwater shit holes about to go do their first line of K at some wack East London warehouse party.

Outside of that the night was really fun, I saw Joe from Hot Chip on the dance floor and proceeded to tell him exactly how much I love Hot Chip (I seriously fucking love hot chip) he seemed genuinely touched and he gave me a hug.

Nicest hug I ever got it was so warm and soft.

How many of those skanks ever got hugged by Joe from Hot Chip? None that's how many.


tom.sansome said...

i actually laughed to this.
good post.

LaVieBohemie said...

Why the fuck would they say something about you?
I just don't get people sometimes :P

Dude, i should have been there to tell him exactly how much i loved their first record and how much they suck since :P (i'd probably get a punch instead of a hug...)