Monday, March 2


at new years, towards the end of the night before we were leaving, we were all sat in some girls room sort of coming down and just waiting to get kicked out. i was listening to 24 hour revenge therapy by jawbreaker. i dont think i can listen to certain songs on this album without pretending i'm Blake Schwarzenbach.

ashtray monument came on and i was sort of drumming my thighs without really realising it, i was really going for it and i guess it looked stupid 'cause some people saw and started laughing.

i said to them though, i said i was just listening to some music. they apologised for laughing, and laughed a little more hahaha, i guess i kinda did look stupid.

but, if they knew i was listening to jawbreaker they'd understand completely.

anyway, click the picture and download 24 revenge therapy. listen to songs like "ache", "ashtray monument" and "condition, Oakland"; despite the faggy names, they're all pretty great new years day comedown songs, hell, they're great songs for any sort of day.
see for yourself if you'd drum yourself into mild embarassment listening to this album.

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jessica said...

YES jawbreaker.