Tuesday, March 3

Let me tell you about radical ghosts,little boys with sheets over their heads

Listen i never said that i wasn't afraid of whatever it is im not supposed to be afraid of, and those radical ghosts have been chasing me up all night,
little spooks why'd you bother me so?
im just a man with an itch and conscience painted all blue and black, thats the color of guilt

oh it wasn't my fault that the gallows didn't break
it was never my intention, no, i never really meant...
oh god its just that the hang man had been calling all day and all night

what's a boy to do when he's in such high demand?
its just so rare, you know?
but whatever little spooks
you want a dead man screaming? well i'll give you fuckers this:

hold a sheet, hold a hand, hold a bag over your head
and just keep talking, we'll see where it gets you.


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