Thursday, October 29

Arthur Russell

Have we talked about Arthur Russell yet, you and I?

I think maybe my love for the man and his music is a little too much to go in to right about now. Bottom line is he was way ahead of his time back when he was alive and even now as recordings and demos of his are still being unearthed he's managing to posthumously stay at least two paces ahead of contemporary artists of the same ilk, few that there are.

Definitely some one to get aquainted with if you're diggin' the "no - fi" trend that's come about as of late, or whatever really. Just check him out.

I really need to figure out how and where to start hosting music and using those nifty flash player dealies. When I get my laptop fixed I'm really going to try and expand this blog to the best of my ability. Hmm.

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Josh Baines said...

Dont wanna bum you again on the music front man, but AR is fucking amazing. Seriously, That's Us/Wild Combination is better than anything by The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/Bob Dylan/Neil Young and everyone else ever basically.

In fact i'm gonna listen to World of Echo right NOW