Friday, October 23

Wild Nothing

Back on the internet, sort of.

I fell through a roof, left my job and somewhere in between all of that my laptop broke. I need to find a way to get it fixed, I'm missing the cold glow of its screen.

Anyway, here's a cool sound I saw on Pitchfork today. Wild Nothing: Some guy from some place, real autumnal vibe, sort of like all those depressing and/or Scottish fey bands from way back when.

Could do with a better voice but everything else is sounding twinkly and ethereal enough to make up for it, not to mention there's a pretty bold cover of Cloudbusting by Kate Bush.

Oh, I had a job interview for a shop called Beyond the Valley, one of those boutique type places that sells £95 jumpers and mirrors laser cut in to the shape of a woodland animal. Real swell place up in Carnaby street - next door to the Lomography shop actually - anyway, interview went well and I have a trial shift next week Thursday, wish me fucking luck cause I litterally walked out on my job at H&M just to get to the interview itself.

Kate Bush was a babe

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