Monday, August 17

Felt - Protagonists

I swear to god some of the music I was listening to back in year 11 was so much better than some of the stuff I've been listening to of late. Point in case (or is that case in point?) is Felt. I used to listen to Tribute to Lisa Bonet during lunch times in the library.

Felt is a collaboration between Slug from Atmosphere and MURS from Living Legends. Murs was the guy rapping on that Busy P track, serve and entertain or whatever it was called.
Felt had two pretty good albums called Tribute to Christina Ricci and Tribute to Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet was the daughter from the Cosby Show.

Anyway, I was on twitter today and it turns out they've got a third album coming out called Tribute to Sarah Palin, or at least that's what MF DOOM says.

Here's a track from it. Protagonists It's pretty good, quite drum heavy, not really saying much on the sampling front. I dunno, it doesn't strike me as anything special, I just remember the production on the other albums being a lot less polished and just a little funkier.

This was one of my favourite tracks off of Lisa Bonet.

Here's another.

I hope you can see what I mean. This stuff is just a lot more soulful and chilled out. Perfect for a summer's day. Actually I definitely remember listening to this during the summer.

Speaking of which,its fucking hot here so I'm sat at home in my boxers, nice.


Chris said...

how comes the vids are posted twice? also where's your other blog gone?

Charles said...

Its the same blog, I just changed everything and deleted half of the posts. I started to read entries back to myself and didn't like how I sounded.