Wednesday, August 19

i'm singing. i'm hollering. i'm singing.

Cap n Jazz are a great band to come back and listen to. Youthfully bold, whimsically abstract and most of all summery! It feels good to sit out the sun and listen to Analphabetapolothology for the first time in what seems like quite a while. An energetic way to wind down my evening.

Such good song titles too, all so cute like they were part of a little kid's first real sentence. The songs can get poignant at time but its never insincere, I like that.

I think I like this song best, but I can't be sure. They're all so rad. - download the album here and lemme know what your favorite is

1 comment:

Imogen said...

ooh do i love you is my favourite too charles! cap'n jazz were damn good.