Saturday, August 15

Look what I did!

More of my pictures from Paris.

There was such a long period of time between me taking these and then actually scanning them in to my computer. I quite like all of these photos, they remind me of the fun time I had. I must have used about 4 rolls of film that week I was in Paris but there were two problems that arose:

I don't know shit about how to a camera correctly, much less a camera that didn't come with instructions and another that didn't really have a correct way to be used. I had a real hard time winding up the rolls when I finished with them and ended up scratching and exposing at least half of two rolls of films. I also had no idea who to use the focus or whatever properly so there were a lot of pictures that looked as though I had just smeared Vaseline over the lenses.

The second problem was that I spent about two or three days taking pictures with a camera that had no film in it at all, I just assumed I'd put some in there before I'd left London and it wasn't until about I was about done checking one of the galleries near the Eiffel that I finally realized my mistake.

Ha, what an unlucky pup!

Anyway, that was my first real experience using a camera (film or otherwise) as anything more than a means of taking pictures of myself, and to be frank, I was quite impressed with the outcome. I have about three film cameras in my possession and I'm going to try and make a point to use them more.

It's always nice to document all that fun I'm supposed to be having.

I changed the layout and look of the blog and deleted a lot of posts, I'm going to try and actually post things of interest on it as opposed to just whining about things.

Lets see how that goes!

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Chris said...

these are cool pictures.