Monday, August 17

Winsor McCay - Rob Liefeld

Interestingly enough, these strips were produced in the early 1900's. I find that surprising some how, especially in the second image. Something about its style and humor just seem so contemporary. Both strips are incredibly striking, the dream like nature of the first is almost frightening - the way that elephant gets closer and closer in those last six panels. Incredible sequencing and use of space within the panels, not to mention the elephant just looks balls out insane.

Alan Moore paid homage to McCay and his "Little Nemo..." strip in a series he did a while back called Promethea, I've never checked it out. I should do, its apparently very esoteric. I'm not sure if I think this is a good or a bad thing when it comes to comics.

Hmm, can't wait till I start work, got so much stuff to buy!
Little Nemo in Slumberland - 1905 to 1914

Little Sammy Sneeze - 1904 to 1906

Promethea 1999 - 2005


This guy is Rob Liefeld, (he created the character Deadpool who recently showed up in the Wolverine Origins flick) he's considered by a lot of people now days, myself included, to be one of the worst artists in the modern comic books industry, but in a lot of ways he's definitely a large part of comic book history. He shot to fame in the 90s and was one of the catalysts of the boom the comics industry experienced over the course of the decade, the source of a lot of controversy and the recipient of a lot of criticism and out right abuse. It's all a bit boring to go in to really, but the crux of it all is that his art and writing are pretty terrible and he helped popularize the gritty, angsty, hyper violent, hyper visceral, hyper sexual style that became extremely popular in the 90s.

Its his absolute lack knowledge regarding the human anatomy that gained him the majority of his criticism.

All of that said, one reason I can never really fault the guy is that you can just tell all he absolutely loves the medium. The way his eyes light up when the interviewer starts name dropping Daredevil and the Silver Surfer, you can tell that he's just a big goof who loves that he's able to write for the company whose output he grew up reading. I think its that level of devotion to it that got him his big break and that keeps him somewhat popular to this day.

Here's a video of him and Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) goofing around with Stan Lee. I just couldn't stop laughing at this. I can't tell if Stan's making fun of them or not.

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