Wednesday, September 16


Summer is over, leaves are falling, I'm looking for houses I'm not sure I can afford, and I feel as though my youth is running away from me a little faster than I'd like, but at least there's guys out there like Lone. Lone is a recent signing to Werk Discs  a label from Brixton I won't pretend to know anything about; he lays down lush beach party beats for tired ears to get hip and feel fresh to and it's guys like him and gems like these that keep me from becoming a completely jaded fuck.

I must have stumbled upon this cat no more than an hour ago and I'm already hooked in on it like a junkie on methadone. Its the way he mixes subtle electro jabs with Washed Out style lo fi mysticism - a wirey old funk sample here, a crisp drum beat there and  soulful vocal samples (just a pinch) thrown in for good measure. A delicious audio feast of the pleasantly old and the sublimlely new. It makes me feel like I'm on one of Jupiter's moons, laying on a beach and having space joints rolled for me by cowboys from Westworld.

Really though, I'm glad there's musicians out there who can find the perfect balance between nostalgia and nouveau; this guy really wears a rich blend of influences on  his sleeve but you just can't deny or ignore the freshness of his sound over all.

Whatever: less gabbin', more jams


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