Thursday, September 3

Jack, Izzie, a tree and some ducks...

I need to learn how to use this (35mm holga) camera properly, everytime i use it only about four or five pictures actually get developed from the roll, i think there were pictures on this from france and a few of my cousin as well. I definitely got ripped off at the shop today as well, £10.50 or something, boy they must have seen me coming. Printed them quite big though, which I like, the two really dark ones look nice in that size...physically at least.

Anyway, these pictures are from two really nice days out we had at regents park... I hope anyone who looks at these likes them, because I quite like them, and the people in them.

ps. if you know somewhere i can get pictures developed for less than £10.50 or whatever, please tell me. I can keep a secret.

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