Wednesday, September 2

Scritti Politti

When I first moved in to my old house in new cross it was a pretty odd set up. I didn't pack much initially, so all I really had with me for the first week or two were some of my clothes, some noodles and my mp3 player. No duvet, no pillow, no sheets, no money.

I slept the first night wrapped in a towel my house mate lent me, I fell asleep with my headphones on listening to Word Girl by Scritti Politti.

That night I had a nightmare about Jennifer Aniston, Rachel from friends (in this dream they were two distinctly different people) and the devil. I can't remember much but I know Satan and Jen were really scary and Rachel from friends was crying a lot. Worst part was it was all in clay-mation and the song I fell asleep to playing over and over. I woke up in a cold sweat, took my headphones off, put Haircut 100 on and then fell back to sleep again.

I love Scritti Politti.

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