Monday, September 21

Washed Out - Life of Leisure.

Last night more than any other night I was anxious to finally get up and move out of home again. This afternoon I chanced upon what I'm hoping will be my new home for the next bunch of months, and I'm pretty psyched about that.

In the hours between last night and this afternoon I hooked myself up with what I'm guessing is Washed Out's second or maybe third release, Life of Leisure, and boy is it great!

It's six well crafted tracks that recklessly blur the lines between disco, new wave and modern dance music whilst managing to stayalmost completely non derivative. Each cut has something fresh and intriguing lying behind it, whether its the sombre synths and longing vocals of second track "New Theory" or the after hours sleekness and haunting soul of sixth track "Lately"; its all cut with a bright sophistication and boldness that's oft absent from a fledgling musician's earlier output.

Life of Leisure sets out in earnest to carve new sound out of old wax, it bravely sets out on its own two feet and takes you on the ride with it. That's one of the best aspects of this album and pretty the majority of the music Washed Out has made so far, listening feels like being propelled through a field of sound, I think its the way the vocals sound so distant or maybe its the way each of the songs sound in sequence, so robust and layered.

Whatever really, I'm getting a bit purple prose to be honest. The bottom line is that its refreshing to hear such a mature and fresh set of sounds and that Life of Leisure is probably one of the best EPs (or is it a mini album?) that I've listened to all year. Probably one of the best I've listened to in a good number of years, but maybe that's my honey moon ears and I'm gushing just a little too much.

Either way, if you read this then I urge you to check it out and make your own mind up. While you're at it check out a guy called Toro y Moi, I don't really know what to say about his music aside from the fact that its balls out awesome and you're a prick if you don't like it. Then check out his side project Les Sins tré tré chic disco in the dark kinda stuff, if you're picking up what I'm putting down.



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